The tools helps Managers in Data Analysis – Extractions and manipulations of data based on criteria, Data Review - Summary of Data that received and manipulated by tools, Dashboards – A summary at a glance for Key Performance Indicators that bring close attention and help Analytics – by Discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in HIV project based data.

Monthly Reporting Portal

Support PEPFAR partners (All IPs) in reporting monthly data that inform program achievement based on PEPFAR priority strategies.

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CTC Analytics

CTC Analytics Mainly focuses on analytics and indicator-based calculations that complement the CTC2 database with detailed and deep analysis using CTC2 export for analysis data file.

DDIU Realtime DQA Monitoring

Simplify the process of Data Quality Check by helping Data Managers to locate easily facilities with data discrepancies on National DHIS.

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IQSMS Android App

This is an Android App that is used by data clerks at the facility level to collect and send various reports.

IQSMS Dashboard

This is a data visualization dashboard consists of various weekly submitted reports submitted via an Android app.


Android version used to record electrification of SES form, all QI Projects are registered and inform both facilities, partners and donors on the QI project progress and achievements.


CQI Dashboard

This is the web based QI project review tool, that helps and provide supports for managers to access, review, compare, edits and perform detailed analysis on the ongoing QI projects that have been initiated by Health facilities from the electronic SES forms android app.

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Data Exchange

Support data exchange by importing data from developed reporting template and also extract from both CTC2 and DHIS2 systems

Pending Re-Activation

This is the web based tool which has been developed to assist REACH’s Implementing Partners to report Lab related Indicators

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Index Contact Tracer (ICT)

Support Community Implementing partners in tracking the index contact elicited and inform CEC on the tracking progress and linked to HIV Testing and Services

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MGIT Portal

MGIT Portal is the online tool which has been developed specifically to facilitate UMB Tanzania Staff on their day to day activities. The tool has included online timesheet, Activity Tracking System, Leave Management System and Advance Request & Reconciliation System

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ECHO Dashboard

This is a data visualization dashboard, for analysis on HIV ECHO session. it is web based tool, with multiple visuals and charts for the presentations and monitoring of the activity.

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Tanzania HIV guideline information gateway (THGIG)

This is a mobile app that contains most of the HIV guidelines that are mimic from the standard paper versions developed by the Ministry of Health under National AIDS control Program (NACP). It is used to disseminate MOH – HIV related circulars and letters that intends to reach stakeholders and health care workers for smoothen information use and utilization of standard principles.